The Agency has an extensive database of hostesses. We have a representation in every town in Slovakia, but also in the Czech Republic , Austria, Germany, Italy and France. We cooperate with partner agency in the Czech Republic, which covers the whole territory of the Czech Republic.

Our hostesses are young and elegant ladies with representative appearance. Active knowledge of at least one world language is automatic. The most experienced have participation in dozens of action.

According to the character of the action at home and abroad, we will provide you with appropriate hostesses, models, interpreters for:

  • conferences, symposia, seminars and round tables
  • exhibitions and fairs
  • corporate actions
  • cultural and social events
  • sporting enterprises and competition
  • festivals

We offer the option of uniform clothing from sports to social-according to the requirements, for example. in corporate colours.

We do not provide the services of erotic and familiar character!


We arrange:

  • develop scenarios promotions for "key" and then implement throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics.


  • preparation of the planned promotion
  • implementation of promotion in very fast times
  • regular daily reports and documentation
  • distribution and storage of materials
  • evaluation of the action

The hostesses and promoters:

  • our database contains over 400 promoters
  • at the prestigious events we arrange hostesses or models with representative appearance